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Shock absorber piston rod
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Shock absorber piston rod
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2012-1-5 10:12:07
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Shock absorber (VibrationDamper), mainly used to suppress spring shock absorber rebound after absorbing the shock and impact from the road. After a rough road, although the shock-absorbing spring can filter road vibration, but the spring will have its own reciprocating motion, while the shock absorber is used to suppress this spring jump. Shock absorber is too soft, the body will be jumping up and down, shock absorbers too hard it will bring too much resistance, prevent the spring work. Suspension system on the conversion process, the hard-hard spring with shock absorber matched, while the hardness and spring and weight are closely related, heavier vehicles generally use the harder the shock absorber. Lead connecting the crankshaft with the shock device, used to counter the crankshaft torsional vibration (ie, the crankshaft by the cylinder and twist the ignition of the impact of the phenomenon).

The structure of shock absorber piston rod into the cylinder with a piston in the cylinder full of oil. Piston on the throttle, making the Pistons out of the two parts separated by space in the oil can complement each other. Is a viscous damping oil through the orifice, when generated, the smaller the orifice, the greater the damping force, the greater the viscosity of the oil, the greater the damping force. If the orifice size of the change, when the shock absorber work fast, the damping is too much effect on the absorption of impact. Therefore, the exit orifice to set a disk-shaped valve spring, when the pressure becomes large, the top valve is open, the throttle opening larger, smaller damping. As the piston is a two-way movement, so both sides are equipped with spring piston valve, called the compression valve and valve done.

Shock absorber according to their structure can be divided into monocular and binocular-type style. Binocular-type refers to both internal and external tube shock absorber, piston cylinder, including the movement, due to the piston rod into and out of, the volume of oil in the inner cylinder will be increased with the contraction, so to be exchanged with the outer tube to maintain balance of oil in the inner cylinder. So have four valves in the shock absorber binoculars, that in addition to the above-mentioned two throttle piston, there are mounted on the inside and outside the cylinder exchange interaction between the completion of the flow valve and compensation valve.

Compared with the double barrel, single cylinder type shock absorber structure is simple, to reduce a valve system. It is in the lower part of the cylinder with a floating piston, (the so-called floating piston rod where there is no control of its movement), below the floating piston to form a sealed chamber, filled with high-pressure nitrogen. As mentioned above, the piston rod out of the oil caused by changes in liquid level float through the floating piston to automatically adapt to it. In addition to the above mentioned two kinds of shock absorber, there is resistance adjustable shock absorber. It can be changed by an external operation orifice size. Recently the car will be electronically controlled shock absorbers as standard equipment, the driving state detected by the sensor from the computer to calculate the optimum damping force, the shock absorber damping force adjusting mechanism on the work automatically.

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